The Tallow Series

Tallow, An Urban Legend

Tallow - An Urban Legend

As Christmas approaches, four friends head off to Cape Cod for what should be a fun filled weekend. To keep everyone entertained during the road trip, Julie brings along a book of local urban legends. The tales are meant to amuse. Little do they realize that there may be more to these stories than rumor and folklore. As their journey along the Cape unfolds, they slowly find themselves entwined in a terrifying nightmare. As the hours pass and a blizzard begins to consume them, their fight for survival could very well become one of… legend.

Tallow, Rosemary

Tallow - Rosemary

Christmas is a distant memory. Spring has come to New England. Four months later, the survivors have not forgotten what happened on Cape Cod. All are haunted. All are motivated. All have been changed forever. The events from last December were not the end of the story. They were not the beginning. Once a myth is born, it continues to evolve. Growing. Changing. Adapting. Legends live on forever. Those that experience them do not.


Tallow - Time to Pay

It's been two months since the deadly events that took place on Cape Cod. The Memorial Day weekend has arrived, kicking off the first warm holiday event of the season. Many families and friends will gather to celebrate fun times and recall fond memories. Others will mourn for those that were lost, and seek retribution. As the story goes, legends never die. They hide in darkness until the time is right to finally strike again.