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Critics Praise Tallow

Readers' Favorite 5-Star Certified

"Tallow by MJ Howson is a truly captivating story which builds momentum and intrigue, unraveling a little more information with each page. The relationships and dynamics between the characters are realistic and interesting. The author truly knows how to build suspense and draw the reader into the world of the characters. The story is really hard to put down because the action and suspense are continuous, with great conflict and plot twists to keep you engaged. I couldn't help but compare the style of narrative and plot to the great Roald Dahl. If you love a great mystery around the subject of myth and legend then you will certainly enjoy this."


Readers Favorite, Tallow, Urban Legend

Readers Favorite, Tallow, Urban Legend

Amazon best seller

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Horror/Suspense - Top 5

On Sunday June 9th "Tallow - An Urban Legend" reached #4 on the Amazon Top 100 list of Horror/Suspense.

Horror - Top 50

On the same day, "Tallow - An Urban Legend" reached number 28 in the overall Horror genre.