About MJ

My Backstory

Thanks for checking out my site!  

I was born and raised in Providence, RI, and spent many vacations on Cape Cod and the beaches of my home state.  I always had a desire to take a shot at being a writer. As the saying goes, "Life is what happens when you are busy making plans."  I woke up one day and realized that tomorrow was now. So I decided to dedicate myself to writing my first novel and getting it published.

I've adopted the tag line "The Terror is Real" to capture the types of stories I want to tell. Growing up, I loved any good story, both novel or movie, that was anchored in the realm of believability. Could this be something that might really happen? To you? That was what grabbed me. I hope my stories grab you! 

My History

I loved creative writing in college, but my degree was in the world of computer science. I spent 30 years doing everything from Programmer Trainee to Vice President. I somehow feel that decades in systems development helped position me to craft and build stories, characters, and the worlds they inhabit. World-building, story, and character design are complicated, just like computer systems. There is a lot of planning, design, and testing before you can release your baby to the world.

In 2017 I spent my nights and weekends fulfilling my dream of writing/publishing my first novel. In 2018 I hired an editor and ended up doing a heavy rewrite of the story. The second edition was published in November 2018. The sequel launched in February 2019. The final entry entry in the trilogy dropped in early June. It was a long 30 months, but it was worth the effort. My books are currently available exclusively on Amazon.

My Dog

If you follow me on Instagram, you are already very well acquainted with JoJo. I adopted him in December 2011 from a no-kill shelter. He was 2 months shy of turning 6 years old. A lab-hound mix, he had spent almost half his life at that no-kill shelter, going from foster home to foster home. I couldn't understand why nobody wanted to adopt him. He is the sweetest most lovable dog. Super laid back. He's not the least bit clingy. Doesn't bark or jump or get into fights. He keeps me calm and relaxed when I find myself getting stressed. My office has a twin-sized bed that he has staked claim as his own. He sleeps there while I write, and will check in on me from time to time. Unconditional love at its best.

My Future

In late 2018 I was sent packing by corporate America as part of a RIF (Reduction in Force). I took it as a sign to finally pursue my dream full-time. I attended a fantastic seminar - Robert McKee's Story - and plunged myself into the world of Tallow, completing the second story and the outline for the third. I've already started design work on my next novels and will keep everyone updated via my blog and social media accounts.